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Starting a real estate career in California is not only an exciting opportunity, but also a financial investment. It’s important to understand the costs involved and calculate your return on capital investmented. We will look at the breakdown of costs associated with obtaining a California real estate license below.


Education and Course Fees

The first step towards acquiring your real estate license in California is completing the required education. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Course Requirements: In California, you are mandated to take three different courses:
  • Order of Courses: The good news is that you can take these courses in any order that suits your schedule and preference.
  • Pricing Options:
  • Additional Learning Opportunities:
    • We strongly recommend our optional Real Estate Crash Course, available for $149 if purchased separately.
    • While there are numerous other study courses available in the market, our complete package is designed to provide everything you need for success.


Licensing Exam and Other State Fees

Once you’ve completed your education, the next step is taking the state licensing exam. Here are the associated costs:

  • Examination Fee: The examination fee for the Salesperson (Agent) license is $60. This applies whether you’re taking the exam for the first time or retaking it.
  • License Fee: After passing the exam, you’ll need to pay a license fee of $245.
  • Fingerprint Processing Fee: There’s also a fingerprint processing fee of $49, which is paid directly to the live scan fingerprint service provider.


Other Costs

For those who prefer traditional learning materials, we offer hardcopy textbooks. You can purchase these for an additional $90, plus shipping. At Chamberlin Real Estate School, we pride ourselves on transparency and ensuring our students are well-informed. We want to assure you that there are no hidden costs associated with our courses or packages. The prices mentioned are straightforward and all-inclusive.


Total Investment

Considering all the costs, if you opt for the discounted course package from Chamberlin Real Estate School, your total investment to kickstart your real estate career in California would be approximately $700.


The Bottom Line

Obtaining a real estate license in California involves a significant initial financial outlay. However, by understanding these costs upfront, you can budget effectively and set yourself up for success. Remember, these costs are an investment in your future career. With dedication and hard work, the return on investment can be substantial.


License costs:
Required courses for Salesperson license:

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