Continuing Education – How Courses Work

How Courses Work

No Course Timers

The Chamberlin continuing education courses do not internally track the time you spend on the computer. In other words, you are not required to sit in front of your computer for 45 hours.

Mandatory Chapter Quizzes

In compliance with DRE regulations, chapter quizzes are mandatory and must be submitted online. You must complete the quiz for one chapter before progressing to the next.

Minimum Time of Completion

In compliance with DRE minimum completion requirements, the minimum time to complete the full 45-hour package is six (6) calendar days from the date of enrollment.

You may begin reading the course PDF and taking your quizzes online immediately upon enrollment. DRE regulations limit final exam completion to a maximum of 15 credit hours during any one 24 hour period.

Maximum Time of Completion

You have one year from the course registration date to complete the course(s), pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulation 3006(m).

Steps to Complete Each Course

Each chapter ends with a comprehensive quiz that will help you master the subject matter and prepare for the final examination. Chapter quizzes are graded instantly on the screen and provide page references to find answers to the questions you missed. You must complete the quiz for one chapter before progressing to the next. Upon submission of the last chapter quiz, you will see a link to the online final examination.

Step One–Log in to your “My Classroom” page.
Step Two–Download the course PDF file.
Step Three–Read Chapter One in PDF or textbook.
Step Four–Take the Chapter Quiz. Chapter quizzes are mandatory and must be submitted online.
Step Five–Complete final examination.

Final Examination

Final examinations are administered online only and may be taken open book. Passing score is 70% or better. After submitting the final examination you will receive a pass/fail response containing your percentage score.

DRE regulations limit final examination completion to a maximum of fifteen (15) credit hours during any one 24 hour period.

What Happens If I Fail?

If you should fail the course final examination, you will be given one opportunity to take an alternate final examination. The questions in the re-examination will be different questions than those asked in the original final examination. A second failure would require re-submitting the chapter quizzes of the failed course before additional retakes (there is no charge for retakes).



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