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How Broker Pre-license Courses Work

How Courses Work

The first of their kind, the Chamberlin online courses are the result of a collaborative effort between, a leading online course delivery technology provider, and Dearborn Real Estate Education (a subsidiary of Kaplan Education), one of the leading providers of quality content solutions for real estate education providers.

Legal Unit 6 Legal Unit 6
Table of ContentsTable of Contents
Practice 11 Screenshot 2 Practice 11 Screenshot 2
Legal Unit 6 - Progress Question Legal Unit 6 - Progress Question
Law X Screenshot Law X Screenshot
Legal Unit 7 Quiz Legal Unit 7 Quiz
Progress Screen Progress Screen

High Quality Content

These new online courses use the same high quality content you would expect from a college level textbook.* The content is then delivered entirely over the Internet through an engaging and interactive format.

Our new online courses will better prepare you to take and pass the California State Examination as compared to traditional home-study offerings. Sample questions similar to those you will encounter on the state exam are drawn from a database and distributed throughout the courses.


Features of our online courses:

*Physical textbooks are not necessary but may be ordered as a back-up to the online courses for an additional $30 each.