Step-By-Step Process

STEP 1: Complete Qualifying Courses

California Real Estate Principles, California Real Estate Practice, and one elective course (Legal Aspects of Real Estate recommended) from a list of courses required by the California Department of Real Estate prior to the state examination. These courses are designed to give you a basic understanding of the necessary subjects and a foundation of real estate terminology.

STEP 2: Apply for State Exam

Once you have successfully completed all three required courses, it is time to apply for the state exam by mailing the pdf Combined Salesperson Examination (RE 435A) and Fingerprint Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) to DRE along with proof of completion of the required courses and $305 total (License fee: $245 + Exam fee: $60).  DRE processing time for state exam applications is 6 to 8 weeks (this can vary because of the Covid-19 shutdown).

IMPORTANT:  Call us to talk about scheduling the 1-day webinar crash course before you schedule your state examination date.  The webinar crash course is to be taken the weekend before your state exam test date.

STEP 3: Work on the Practice Tests

If you enrolled in our complete California real estate license package, you also received online practice questions which are called Final Briefing Examinations in your course homepage. This is the most important phase of your studying. Once you have a foundation of knowledge from the pre-license courses, you will start studying the subject matter in more detail. Your goal is to take and retake these sample exams until you are scoring at 90 percent or better before taking the actual state examination.

STEP 4: Attend Our 1-Day Webinar Crash Course

If you enrolled in our complete salesperson license package, you have prepaid for the live 1-day webinar crash course. Check our real estate crash course schedule and reserve a seat before you submit your state examination application to the California Department of Real Estate.

This 1-day Zoom webinar is specifically designed to help you pass the California Real Estate Exam. In addition to lecture on basic real estate subjects, this live webinar will include:

1 – key terminology essential to passing the state exam
2 – interpretation of especially confusing exam questions
3 – helpful exam taking hints that will add points to your score
4 – a simplified approach to solving word problems
5 – valuable memorization aids to help you remember the basics