How to Apply for the Real Estate Agent License Examination in California

Applying for a real estate license examination in California can be a tricky and sometimes confusing process. Everything needs to be done exactly right to avoid any hiccups, but Chamberlain Real Estate School is here to help each step of the way. We provide all the information you need to get your license, and our pre-license courses for the real estate salesperson license are precisely what you need to prepare for (and pass!) the exam. With our guidance, you’ll be on your way to a successful real estate career in California faster than you thought possible!

Steps to Apply for the Real Estate Salesperson Examination


  1. Online Application via eLicensing
    • Gather Your Documents: Before you start, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready. This includes transcripts showcasing the completion of required California real estate courses and any name change documentation.
    • Accommodations for Disabilities: The Department of Real Estate (DRE) is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need special accommodations, complete the Reasonable Accommodations Request for Examination.
    • Navigating the California DRE eLicensing System:
      •   Create a user profile if you haven’t already.
      •   Select the salesperson exam application.
      •   Complete the application, ensuring you upload all required documents.
      •   Confirm all information is correct and pay the examination application fee using accepted payment methods.
  2. Applying via Mail
    • Start with the Application: Complete the Salesperson Examination Application, ensuring you read all instructions carefully.
    • Gather Your Transcripts: Just like the online method, you’ll need to provide transcripts showing successful completion of the required courses.
    • Payment: Include the application fee using accepted payment methods.
    • Accommodations for Disabilities: If needed, attach the Reasonable Accommodations Request for Examination to your application.
    • Mailing Your Application: Send all documents to the Department of Real Estate, Examination Section, P.O. Box 137001, Sacramento, CA 95813-7001.

After Submitting Your Application

  • Stay Updated: Check the current processing timeframes to understand when your application will be processed.
  • Examination Schedule Notice: Once approved, you’ll receive a notice informing you about your examination schedule.
  • Using eLicensing for Scheduling: You can check, self-schedule, or reschedule your exam using the eLicensing system.
  • Understanding Qualifications: Ensure all real estate exam qualification requirements are met before your examination date.

Combined Salesperson Exam and License Application Process

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a real estate career in California is an exciting journey. With the right preparation and understanding of the application process, you’re setting yourself up for success. The first step is to register for our real estate agent license course, to ensure you’re well-prepared for the examination and a thriving career!