California Real Estate Escrow and Title, 2nd Edition Book



By George W. Lawrence
Softcover, 8 1/2″ x 11″

California Real Estate Escrow and Title provides a comprehensive study of escrow and title insurance principles, from early America’s escrow practices to transferring title in today’s high-tech environment.



Property Rights – Transfer of Interests – Elements of Escrow – Title Insurance Basics – Title Insurance Policies – Contracts – Real Estate Practice – Opening Escrow – The Escrow Instructions – Northern and Southern California Regional Variations and Practices – Preclosing – Escrow Accounting – Lending and the Escrow Process – Protecting the Consumer – Apartment Buildings, Commercial Properties, and Exchanges – Specialty Escrow Transactions – Advanced Title Insurance Underwriting – Default, Foreclosure, and the Title Insurer – Glossary – Index