California Real Estate Practice, 11th Edition Book



By Lowell Anderson (author), William H. Pivar (author), Daniel S. Otto (author), and Kartik Subramaniam (Editor)
Softcover, 8 1/2 x 11″

California Real Estate Practice offers practical how-to information for the real estate salesperson and broker. Prospecting methods, sample “comp” presentations and the newest listing contracts and disclosure forms are only some of the features of this textbook. It has been updated to reflect changes in legislation and in-practice, including content related to unconscious bias


Getting Started in Real Estate – Ethics, Fair Housing, Trust Funds, and Other Legal Issues – Mandatory Disclosures – Prospecting and Business Development – Listing Presentations Package – Listing Presentations and Listing Contracts – Service and Listing – Advertising – The Buyer and the Property Showing – Obtaining the Offer and Creating the Sales Agreement– From Offer to Closing – Real Estate Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Property Management and Leasing – Glossary – Index