State Exam Preparation – Live 2-Day Crash Course

Live 2-Day Crash Course

2-Day Weekend Crash Course for the Salesperson Examination

A fantastic 2-Day weekend review course packed with information to help you pass the state salesperson exam the FIRST TIME!

Course Contents
This 2-Day live session will include:

  • Key terminology
  • Exam-taking hints
  • Memorization aids


2017 Class Dates

May 6th & 7th
May 20th & 21st
June 10th & 11th
June 24th & 25th
July 8th & 9th
July 22nd & 23rd
Aug. 12th & 13th
Aug. 26th & 27th
Sept. 9th & 10th
Sept. 23rd & 24th
Oct. 14th & 15th
Oct. 28th & 29th
Nov. 18th & 19th
Dec. 16th & 17th

Enrollment Fees
2-Day Class Only: $159.00
2-Day Class + Practice Tests: $199.00

Chamberlin Real Estate School (view map)
1825 Winchester Blvd.
Campbell, CA 95008

Saturday & Sunday, 9am. to 4pm.

How To Register
Call, fax or email for additional information and to register:
Phone: 1-800-672-4665
Fax: 408-378-2241

Important: You must register in advance to be admitted to this class.


What Our Students Say:


“I passed my exam on August 25th! I took your course the weekend before, I was section 34. It was my second go at the test and I studied like crazy for the last month in between my second test date. I felt pretty good but wanted to be sure so I signed up for your course. I think it pushed me over the edge to where I needed to be. Honestly my first test was REALLY hard and the second one was totally different, it was so easy and about 10/15 of the questions that were on the test were questions from your class, so your martial is right on. I read everything VERY slowly this time and felt very confident, thanks for all your help. Can’t wait to start my new career!”

“I’m proud to announce another success story. I took your class March 28th and 29th and as recommended I took my test one week within taking the class, April 2nd. Like many sitting in your classroom I thought there was no possible way I was going to pass the first time, I figured this time would be a “practice run.” Class, let me reassure you, by sitting in this class you are on the right track, that pink book is also a good investment, there is so much condensed information in the answer key. I recognized many concepts from that book on the test. I am a horrible “test taker” and have the worst memory. Don’t let the 35% -50% pass rate get you discouraged. THANK YOU!”

“I took your weekend crash course this past weekend (I was section 17 of our class ‘township’). I took the test on Tuesday morning in Oakland (Feb. 10) and passed! After failing the exam about a year ago, I found your course online recently and decided to give it shot (and am so glad I did). The online practice tests were awesome and a great supplement to the class, as well. I met a guy in the elevator after the exam and he had failed, again, for the third time. I recommended your class to him and told him it was definitely the reason for my success. Thank you!”

“I want to thank you for taking the time on your weekends to help refocus those who are brave enough to follow in your footsteps into the real estate field. I honestly believe that the BRE should consider adding your weekend “crash” course to the mandatory curriculum. The weekend course was full of ahh ha moments and it empowered me to feel confident in preparation for my BRE exam.”

“I just passed my real estate exam and your two day crash course was awesome! The tips and tricks really stuck in my head while I was taking the exam and helped me throughout the way. One piece of advice I have if someone is last minute studying would be to study the Practice of Real Estate & Disclosures section because it is weighted heavily in your overall score. The practice exam book I bought from you was great. Thank you again!”

“I took the crash course and it was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend this course if you want to pass the state exam on the first try. It takes all the content and makes it much easier to remember and lots of helpful hints. I am glad it is over but I am sure glad I took it! DEFINITELY recommend the crash course!!!”

“Loved the instructor, loved the program. I highly recommend for anyone about to take their Real Estate Salesperson Exam! I am so grateful that I did!!!”


The Chamberlin Real Estate School, Inc., abstains from any unauthorized reproduction of any portion of the actual Bureau of Real Estate licensing examination. Under no circumstance were any materials improperly removed from any actual licensing examination. All instructional materials are written and copyrighted by, and are the property of Chamberlin School, and are used for the sole purpose of education and training.


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