Renewal Requirements

MLOs seeking to maintain their MLO license or DRE “license endorsement” must complete 8 hours of continuing education annually.

As of January 1, 2015, MLOs are required to complete one (1) hour of California specific CE as a condition for license renewal. The total number of CE hours required in California has not increased.

The Chamberlin 8-Hour continuing education course meets this new requirement.

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Annually, NMLS provides functionality for company and individual users to submit their license renewal, and also allows regulator users to review, approve, or reject renewal requests that are submitted through the system. Companies and individuals that hold a state license are required to renew their licenses annually.

The renewal period in NMLS begins November 1 and ends December 31 of each year. During this time, individuals are able to complete annual attestation that their record is up-to-date, pay their annual NMLS processing fee, and submit and pay for any renewal requests required by their state regulators. To submit a renewal request, individuals may follow the Attest and Pay Workflow or the Attest for Company Workflow, if their sponsoring employer is paying for renewal on their behalf.

An individual should consult with their sponsoring company before requesting renewal to determine if the company will be paying for their renewal request or if the individual should submit the request themselves.

If a licensee fails to complete the renewal process for a license during the renewal period or by the submission date required by their regulator, the licensee may complete the renewal process through NMLS during a reinstatement period. Licensees may be required to pay a late fee to reinstate their licenses during this time. Regulators may provide different time frames for reinstatement, or may prohibit reinstatement altogether.

If an individual fails to request renewal or reinstatement of a license within a state agency’s deadline, the regulator may choose to terminate the license.